Advantage of Home Staging for the possible buyer

possible buyer

We often see negative reactions in response to articles from Home Staging. Home Staging is a hoax! Home Staging only benefits the seller. In this article, we would like to talk about what the Home Staging contributes to both the owner and prospective buyer and explain why it is not a trap.

possible buyer

It is clear, for the homeowner, the Home Staging has many advantages. The most important reason that the seller chooses to invest in a good presentation of your house for sale is that it is a way to sell or rent your home before and at a better price. Therefore, the seller can only win.

In less time, you will be able to make a selection of attractive homes to visit. Only 10% of the population is able to imagine living in a place that is not well presented. The other 90% will have to make a huge effort try to visualize how that house could be. If the seller has hired a Home Staging Professional, he really saves that effort to the buyer.

Also, you will not have to see floors that are in a horrible state, wasting your time. The buyer does not have to feel like an intruder entering houses full of personal things. You do not have to feel uncomfortable because the house is not clean or collected. He does not have to run away because he smells terrible. You do not have to try hard to see something because the light does not work. It does not have to see the owner’s favorite football team, or their religion.

With a well presented home, there is nothing that can distract the prospective buyer and therefore you can focus on what is really important: the house itself. So if it really saves the buyer so much time, how can it be a hoax? The bad language would say that we are trying to cover things so that the house looks perfect. Well no, it is not so and certainly should not be. A Home Staging professional analyzes a house and on that first visit, it will directly detect what needs to be improved.

Fixing defects is one of the fundamental pillars of Home Staging. Invest in solving those things, which in your house do not work or are not good, you will save a lot of money when negotiating the sale price with the potential buyer. You always have to choose to solve problems in the house instead of covering them.

The buyer also takes advantage of the Home Staging because he does not waste his time seeing floors that are not attractive. You also do not have to focus your energy on detecting the flaws of the house and instead you can fall in love directly with your new home.