Basic rules for having a perfect manicure

perfect manicure

Painting your nails is one of my obsessions especially if it comes to buying enamels. I like that they look perfectly good especially when applying the enamel. With practice makes the master I admit that before I painted them but not very well that we say and to date sometimes struggle with that because I have to be careful that the enamel does not disperse by my fingers and are stained.

perfect manicure

Take care of your cuticles

The is known as cuticles. This fold of the skin on the finger plays a very important role which is to protect the birthplace of the nail and the most delicate part. If we cut and remove it we run the risk of an infection. If you want to lift them a little ideally immerse your fingers in warm water apply cuticle cream or petroleum jelly and with the help of a cotton swab gently push them. Do not cut them or use a metal file to remove them. If they are very careless or mistreated you can apply some special oil every night.

File your nails

After pairing the cuticles, the next step is to file the nails to the same height. I mean not let the limes above. Leave the desired length by pairing them so that they do not look short and long each of them. I recommend using cardboard files the ones normally found in the super market in the beauty section.

Clean nails

After filing, wash your hands so you have them clean. Remove the previous paint that has been left with cotton with acetone, clean the residue that may be on the nails.

Bubbles are bad news

If you do not know what it means, it probably has not happened to you super good. Long ago, when I painted my nails, I always wondered why I had small bubbles after drying the enamel. For what is this? Over time, I realized that it was because I dried the enamel with the fan or the hair dryer. My advice is to avoid having to turn on the fan no problem if you have the cooling because it does not stick directly is what I do from now on.

Transparent base

This is the advice I always give in each article on nail designs. Before painting the nails, apply a coat of clear enamel (base coat) to avoid that they stain and turn of yellow after removing the enamel. Also applying another layer after painting will help protect the design and make it last longer.

Do not overdo glaze

Apply a thin layer of enamel and let it dry for a moment. Then you can apply the second layer. So your manicure will dry in less time. This advice is also useful when the enamel does not grab the color you want in the first layer. If in a given case I also do not grasp the second, it is advisable to do it layer by layer, but applying thin layers.

Acetone is your best ally

Have your acetone bottle handy in case in case it did not come out as you expected the result or to remove the excesses of the enamel on your fingers. Do not forget cotton or swab to remove unwanted items. Do not use toilet paper, battles to remove the enamel.

This is the step I least like because it does not let me do things and the most important. If you finished your nail design, wait at least 15 minutes or if more to avoid lumps, lifting of the enamel or bubbles. I recommend using those dry drying enamels (Quick dry) which I use is the Pro Fx brand.

Keep your nails sparkling?

If you want your nails to stand out, apply clear enamel. It is not necessary that you have painted them of some color or that you have a design in them. If you think they look opaque and lifeless give them a little help.