Know the different types of blushes

Hello Beautiful did you know that each type of blush is according to each type of skin? In this post, you will know the different types of blushes there are. Know them and choose the ideal for you. There is a variety of flushes available in the market with different colors, textures and shapes. Different manufacturers have made flushes in different ways according to consumer demand. Some of the types include:

  • Blush powder that is very popular and commonly used.
  • Blush cream, is denser and contains natural oils and moisturizer
  • Blush gel, ideal for people with oily skin,
  • Liquid blush or dye stays for longer until you want to remove your face makeup.

type of blush

Blush powder

Powder blush works very well on all skin types. Especially for those girls who have oily skin. It is the most common blush because it is the easiest to use (and the easiest to find). Its application is very simple, all you have to do is smile and with the help of the brush. You go through the cheek giving small slides granting a natural application. It is important to use a special brush for your use. Continue reading “Know the different types of blushes”

Tips for selling bulgari jewelery

If you have one or several jewels of this brand, a very good option to earn some money is to sell them on the occasion market. Regardless of the reason you want to get rid of her you no longer use it, you need money selling it will allow you to recover a significant part of the money that cost you when you bought it.

Tips for selling bulgari jewelery

That is why, in today’s post we want to share some interesting tips that will help you sell your second-hand Bulgari jewelry. There are many tricks, tips and recommendations that can be very useful when selling your Bulgari jewelry, but then we will focus on the 10 most important.

Cleaning the visual aspect of the jewel should be excellent so you should perform a clean conscience of the Bulgari jewel. Being a second-hand item it is more than recommended that the jewel be clean as it conveys more confidence and improves the chances of making the sale successfully.

Documentation and original box: we recommend that you always sell your Bulgari jewel accompanied by all the papers (documentation) and original box. What is your exact model? Before you sell your second-hand Bulgari jeweler, it is important that you determine your model. This will make it easier for you to sell it and set its price.

Look for your new price: if the model is relatively current, you can browse the official website of Bulgari in search of its new price. This way you will have a reference when setting the price second hand.

At what price to sell of the most important factors when establishing the sale price are the new price and the price at which the same jewel is being sold in the second-hand market? Try to find the same jewel in different websites and second-hand platforms to see the price of the “competition”.

Diamonds or precious stones: you must keep in mind that those Bulgari jewels that have diamonds, diamonds, and sapphires will have a much higher price. Engraving: if your jewel presents some type of engraving dates, inscriptions should have a lower sale price.

Sale announcement: if you are going to sell your jewel through any of the existing second-hand sale platforms, it is important that you make good announcement correct texts, good photographs.

Makeup Trends for Brides 2017

Are you getting married next year? Well, if you do not want to spend your time on it, you will have to think about all the details: the restaurant, the menu, the decoration, the flowers, the dress, the bouquet … Besides, although there are still many months to arrive the great day, we recommend you start thinking about the makeup you will look. In addition, it is that beyond the dress, your face will be the great protagonist of the day of your wedding.

To lend a hand when making this decision, today we will tell you what are the trends in makeup for brides in 2017. Would you like to join us?

2017 bridal trends

Looks natural

The first thing to know is that next year will dominate the looks natural. Yes, so we have seen in parades of wedding dresses for 2017, yes you should give prominence to the brightness of your skin. So, ideally, you should use a base of the same tone as your skin. Of course, if your skin is rather pale, you can give it color with bronzing powders. Continue reading “Makeup Trends for Brides 2017”

Advantages and disadvantages of liquid lipsticks

As you know, in the market you can find all kinds lip. And we are not referring only to brands or colors, but textures. Today we talk of liquids, so they are betting most cosmetic brands. Specifically, firms are taking the market lipsticks liquids that offer matte and velvety finish. In addition, today you can find on the market more formulas that respect the skin of the lips.

If you still do not have clear whether or not to opt for this type of lipstick, today we will tell all their advantages and disadvantages. Would you like to join us?

liquid lip


The first thing we say is that one of the great advantages of liquid lipsticks is that they offer a long service life. In fact, even eat or drink your lips will remain intact. And not only that, but if you choose a product of good quality, you can go to sleep and wake up the next day with lipstick. Beyond its duration, we emphasize the intensity of the colors. Another great advantage of this lip is not transferred, as happens with the vast majority of lipstick. In addition, hot weather will not melt. Continue reading “Advantages and disadvantages of liquid lipsticks”

Thinning hair shampoo that works

Thinning hair is not just a problem for men as many women also have issues with this as we age. Due to this, you will find a variety of “solutions” on the market. The main problem is that most do not work or come with side effects that none of us wants, even if we can regrow hair such as weight gain or the loss of sexual function. Instead of trying all the pills that can bring dire side effects, the simple answer is thinning hair shampoo.

Thinning hair shampoo helps to strengthen hair as well as repair. The way the shampoo works is by helping your own hair build hair follicles while providing the follicles with the nutrients that are needed to grow. The truth about most shampoos is that they actually strip away the proteins and nutrients your hair needs to grow and be strong which may even be the cause of your thinning hair.


The one thinning hair shampoo that truly works is Toppik Hair Building Shampoo. This shampoo is not made with sulfates or parabens that actually damage hair. Most shampoos on the market have these ingredients, which causes damage to the follicles of the hair and may be the cause of thinning hair in several individuals. This shampoo is lightweight and stimulates the scalp to help with hair growth while ensuring the rest of your hair also has all the nutrients needed to grow strong instead of thin. The most important ingredient found in the shampoo is keratin. Continue reading “Thinning hair shampoo that works”