Tips for buying chinese mobile phones

Follow any of the tips that we will see to buy Chinese mobile phones in any online store. These are tips that help make your online shopping the best possible. We have seen some cases of shipments that have been defective or that they delivered a package that had nothing to do with what we had ordered.

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Find the Chinese mobile brand you want to buy. You can use our Chinese mobile comparator using the search bar. Write the brand of cell phone you are looking for or filter for the price. Check out the specifications and features of each Smartphone. Look whether it is large or small memory capacity etc. Continue reading “Tips for buying chinese mobile phones”

Tips for Buying a Used iPhone 6S Plus

Who has not thought of buying an iPhone 6S Plus? Let us not fool ourselves its high price makes it sometimes unattainable. But have not you ever thought about going to the second-hand market? That yes, you must take into account certain aspects and perform certain checks before purchasing a second hand iPhone 6S Plus. So you know, before you buy one and to avoid future surprises, there are certain buying tips and checks to perform that you should never forget.

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Check your visual status: another aspect that you should pay special attention to is its state of conservation. Check that it does not present scratches, blows, dents, small breaks, damages. And remember that a mobile that is not in optimal conditions should always be cheaper than one that. Continue reading “Tips for Buying a Used iPhone 6S Plus”

M vs Moto Moto Plus G4: comparative

The launch of Huawei Mate 9 and the OnePlus 3T has kept us quite busy in recent weeks, but do not want to miss the opportunity to spend some comparisons to another interesting phablets which was released last month (thankfully has not yet come our country, so we are still in time to help undecided), in this case in the field of mid – range, the Moto M, and we’ll start facing their technical specifications with the Moto G4 Plus, to see exactly how they differ.


In the design is what is probably one of the biggest differences between the two and is the first time we see a phablet midrange Motorola with metal housing, something that surely many would be waiting and that gives a bonus to the new Moto M front G4 Moto Plus. Both also feature a fingerprint reader.

moto m vs moto g4 plus


There are also interesting differences in point of dimensions, since the new model is more compact than the Moto G4 Plus ( 15.14 x 7.54 cm vs. 15.3 x 7.66 cm ) and above all, quite thinner ( 7.9 mm vs. 9.8 mm ). By weight is the only aspect in which it seems that we we lose, although it is true that the difference is very small ( 163 grams versus 155 grams ). Continue reading “M vs Moto Moto Plus G4: comparative”