LG G Pad III 10.1 vs LG G Pad III 8.0: comparative

We will finish our series of comparative dedicate the new LG G Pad III 10 inches compared with the 8 – inch model was released a few months earlier. Of course, the size may be a deciding factor for many when choosing between two models factor, but surely, there are many who, with a difference of price reasonable, be encouraged to opt for the larger model, especially if this is accompanied by improved technical specifications. Is this the case with the latest tablets from LG? Let us check it out.


We have to start by saying that, despite the predictable similarities in the aesthetics of these two tablets, there are a couple of differences to keep in mind: the first, less surprising, is that the smaller is oriented to use in portrait mode instead Of the use in landscape mode; The second, less intuitive and probably more interesting for most, is that the 10-inch model has a music stand that allows us to use it as a monitor, either to work or to watch movies.

lg g pad iii 10.1


Compare the dimensions of these models is not just, obviously, given the difference in their respective inch screens, but for those who want to know exactly how much bigger tablet device as 10 inches ( 25.62 x 16.79 cm front to 21.07 x 12.41 cm ) and how much heavier ( 510 grams versus 309 grams ), here are the figures. Interestingly, in any case, it is identical to the thickness (7.9 mm). Continue reading “LG G Pad III 10.1 vs LG G Pad III 8.0: comparative”

What we would like to see in tablets arriving in 2017?

After a cold in 2016, the number of sales of tablets are concerned, innovation should be mandatory in the coming years with the aim of raising the numbers of units traded. Throughout this year, we have been showing the data provided by some of the largest consulting firms in the world in which it became clear stagnation of the market that was not something circumstantial, but already stretched in time over two years in which dripping releases was much lower than in other years.

On the other hand, a significant decrease in the number of terminals in circulation positions that made many question the usefulness of the supports larger in the future with the consolidation of other formats reflected.

2017 tablets

At the gates of a 2017 promises to be a turning point in the history of these devices, it is impossible to make predictions about the direction the market will take even though some already portend some recovery. However, we can look at what we have already seen this year that would like to see repeated during the next. Today we will make a brief overview of the trends that should remain present in the tablets that come to market and will mention other elements that should be improved to be really useful or attractive to users. Continue reading “What we would like to see in tablets arriving in 2017?”