Eight Tips for Successfully Buying a Home

The housing leaves behind 2016 with an average rise in the price of 3.31% and experts say that the upward trend will be maintained by 2017. This recovery in prices and the opening of access to credit initiated by banks will encourage surely those who have been waiting for the right moment to jump on the purchase of a home.

Buying a Home

This is possibly the biggest investment that will make a person throughout his life. Therefore, it is essential to think well the decision not take the final step until we have analyzed in detail all the factors that can affect the operation. To help in this regard, the Alfa Real Estate network has collected the main eight recommendations to make a correct investment, let us talk about housing, premises or properties to rent. Continue reading “Eight Tips for Successfully Buying a Home”

Advantage of Home Staging for the possible buyer

We often see negative reactions in response to articles from Home Staging. Home Staging is a hoax! Home Staging only benefits the seller. In this article, we would like to talk about what the Home Staging contributes to both the owner and prospective buyer and explain why it is not a trap.

possible buyer

It is clear, for the homeowner, the Home Staging has many advantages. The most important reason that the seller chooses to invest in a good presentation of your house for sale is that it is a way to sell or rent your home before and at a better price. Therefore, the seller can only win. Continue reading “Advantage of Home Staging for the possible buyer”

Tips to buy a house

2016 starts with improvements in the real estate market: the number of mortgage loans is growing and the housing price index in the third quarter of 2015 has experienced its biggest rebound since 2007. On the other hand banks are losing the requirements for Grant credit and there are good prospects for growth. If you are thinking of buying a home it may not be a bad time. However, as it happens before the signing of any contract it is necessary to walk with feet of lead.

buy a house

If you are convinced, do not take too long

If you have clear ideas and enough capital, do not think much: the price of housing has rebounded 4.5% in the third quarter of 2015 according to the National Statistics Institute. Before signing, it is necessary to check if the house has loads. It is also true that the market is not homogenous, and that prices have risen above all in the central areas of the big cities while in the more peripheral neighborhoods and in the smaller cities, they remain stable or even down. Continue reading “Tips to buy a house”

Tips for Choosing Children’s Furniture

Safety, style, resistance, durability, versatility … What should we take into account when choosing children’s furniture? We have asked these questions.

This is an important investment, so we must choose carefully the furniture of the smallest of the house. If you want to find out for sure, take note of our tips for choosing children’s furniture.

choosing children's furniture

Multifunctional design

Experts agree that the domestic environment greatly influences the education and development of our children. In addition, when we talk about home environment, we refer to the decoration of the house. Continue reading “Tips for Choosing Children’s Furniture”