Advantages and disadvantages of liquid lipsticks

As you know, in the market you can find all kinds lip. And we are not referring only to brands or colors, but textures. Today we talk of liquids, so they are betting most cosmetic brands. Specifically, firms are taking the market lipsticks liquids that offer matte and velvety finish. In addition, today you can find on the market more formulas that respect the skin of the lips.

If you still do not have clear whether or not to opt for this type of lipstick, today we will tell all their advantages and disadvantages. Would you like to join us?

liquid lip


The first thing we say is that one of the great advantages of liquid lipsticks is that they offer a long service life. In fact, even eat or drink your lips will remain intact. And not only that, but if you choose a product of good quality, you can go to sleep and wake up the next day with lipstick. Beyond its duration, we emphasize the intensity of the colors. Another great advantage of this lip is not transferred, as happens with the vast majority of lipstick. In addition, hot weather will not melt.


Although the advantages of liquid lipsticks are very attractive, you should not lose sight of its drawbacks. Thus, it is important that you consider that, as they are designed to bind well to the lips, usually resect much. Therefore, if you have lips spoiled all is in sight defects. So, if you decide to make this kind of sores, we recommend you exfoliate and moisturize regularly.

As you could imagine, another disadvantage of liquid lip is usually more expensive than conventional ones. It also costs more remove them.

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