Phablets high end at a reasonable price: alternatives to the iPhone in July and Pixel Plus XL

We are already used to seeing flagships whose prices easily exceed 800 and 900 euros, which has justified sometimes be called even “ultra-high – end” but it is still perfectly possible to find phablets high end with more reasonable prices, especially if we look to models launched a few months ago (even if we are willing to accept some slightly older even), to which must be added the best of the phablet low-cost reaching us from China. We look at a few of the most interesting options that we can find right now with maximum price of around 600 euros.

Galaxy S7 Edge

Let’s start with one of the most expensive on the list options, but also one of the most levels: the Galaxy S7 Edge is responsible for filling the gap left by the Galaxy Note 7 and one of the advantages that can make us forget the model S Pen, it is that its price is considerably lower. This is one of those models that were launched a few months ago and worthwhile to bear in mind, because he has little to envy the most recent and can be found without too much difficulty for around 600 euros.

iphone 7 vs pixel xl

For that price we can enjoy what is still one of the best cameras on a mobile, with pixels of 1.4 microns and f / 1.7, which expetos still consider the best screen (a Super AMOLED Quad HD ) with added attraction of side bends and a powerful processing ( Exynos 8890 ) that accompany 4 GB of RAM.

Nexus 6P

Although the Pixel XL is now the one who takes all the attention and the future of Google, the Nexus 6P can be found even in some dealers with really tempting prices, which sometimes fall of 500 euros. In this case it is a model last year, but again, if you look at the technical specifications, we will see that except for (a processor Snapragon 810 instead of a Snapdragon 821) is virtually identical to the new phablet of the search engine company, including key sections such as screen (Quad HD) and the camera (12 megapixels of 1.55 microns). We are not going to enjoy it, yes, of the latest developments in software of Mountain View, but at least we are guaranteed the remain of the few who will immediately enjoy the new versions of Android for a while yet.

Huawei P9 Plus

We have listed two devices of Huawei, which is always a company to consider when seeking a good quality / price ratio. The first is the latest, and also the more expensive of the two, although I must say in his favor that comes with 64 GB of RAM, which in itself already helps to compensate a little difference.

It is also justified by having a processor more levels (Kirin 955, the penultimate chip high end of the company). It is a good option, on the other, for those who are more interested in the possibilities that opens a dual camera, a camera with larger, like the previous two skins. There’s also as the new Huawei Mate 9 comes with the seal of Leica.

Huawei Mate 8

Now we have a new Huawei Mate nine road shops, it is a time to be with Huawei Mate 8 to a good price, which is particularly interesting when you consider that phablets 6 inches are for the simple fact be bigger, always more expensive than normal too. We will be able to find no problems for less than $ 500 and some dealers still below 400 euros and, although this model has been almost a year as well, we will still have a processor fairly level (Kirin 950). It is true, however, that his successor will come with a price of 700 euros , which is still quite reasonable, so you can meriting worth considering the possibility of a slightly higher investment.

Moto Z

The Z Moto of Motorola / Lenovo is another phablets high end even this year we can already be found for around 600 euros and not to lose sight of, because even without additional modules, has a few attractions such as the screen Quad HD or processor Snapdragon 820 accompanied by 4 GB of RAM. It is true that not as smart as others, on the other hand, design but also have to grant him be the finest phablet (just over 5 mm ) and lightweight (only 138 grams ) of its size, which makes it a perfect choice for those who want a big screen but they dislike the larger devices. All you have to bear in mind is that its reduced thickness is offset by a slightly smaller battery, so it is not the best choice if you seek a good autonomy and do not want us with an extra module.

OnePlus 3T

We could not close this selection does not include any examples of the best that we can offer the low-cost Chinese market and although a reference to My 5s Plus and My Note 2 is required, we have decided to choose to highlight the OnePlus 3T, which has the advantage that you can buy from Spain. This week we have talked enough of it, so surely you will already be aware of its attractions, among which are a brand – new Snapdragon 821 accompanied, as in its predecessor, with 6GB of RAM, a front camera also 16 MP now, and a higher capacity battery, all for 440 euros.

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