The Lenovo Yoga Book will arrive in a variant with the system Chrome OS

The third one can be beaten. Both variant with Windows 10 as the Android of the Lenovo Yoga Book are really appealing devices, but both are in a somewhat indeterminate space. And the Chinese manufacturer has attempted to balance the product specifications to work on either of the two platforms, however, that intermediate location difficult to identify with both. Chrome OS may be, in this regard, a good alternative.

The Lenovo Yoga Book is an exceptional Android tablet in terms of technical features, but its design is to produce content profiling a limited task on a mobile operating system. On the other hand, the variant Windows 10 is perfect when working, especially for its great design and the Halo keyboard very thin and ergonomic. The downside is that the Intel Atom processor X5-Z8550 maybe is a little behind if we need to move some heavy minimally program.

Chrome OS Lenovo Yoga Book, a terminal dedicated to education

Precisely the Chromebook are triumphing in the United States associated with the field of education, for its virtues in this area. They are portable light, whose experience revolves around services Google cloud capable of providing excellent students collaborative tools such as Drive, Keep, Gmail and, of course, absolute integration with the search.

In fact, we ourselves have analyzed in some post the possibility that the Chromebook is the replacement of the tablet for Google, especially considering that something seems to move with Andromeda and the project of the Nexus July 2016 is almost completely ruled out. Just missing the Mountain View signature.

The third way will arrive in 2017, in the middle?

It seems that this model with Chrome OS will debut during the next year 2017, according to what our fellow pose the Android Libre; but it will have to see if at that time Lenovo decides to improve some benefits of Yoga Book and get a processor X7 to increase performance slightly. Anyway, the device is exceptional and since we have dedicated some post to admire its most special features.

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