LG G Pad III 10.1 vs LG G Pad III 8.0: comparative

We will finish our series of comparative dedicate the new LG G Pad III 10 inches compared with the 8 – inch model was released a few months earlier. Of course, the size may be a deciding factor for many when choosing between two models factor, but surely, there are many who, with a difference of price reasonable, be encouraged to opt for the larger model, especially if this is accompanied by improved technical specifications. Is this the case with the latest tablets from LG? Let us check it out.


We have to start by saying that, despite the predictable similarities in the aesthetics of these two tablets, there are a couple of differences to keep in mind: the first, less surprising, is that the smaller is oriented to use in portrait mode instead Of the use in landscape mode; The second, less intuitive and probably more interesting for most, is that the 10-inch model has a music stand that allows us to use it as a monitor, either to work or to watch movies.

lg g pad iii 10.1


Compare the dimensions of these models is not just, obviously, given the difference in their respective inch screens, but for those who want to know exactly how much bigger tablet device as 10 inches ( 25.62 x 16.79 cm front to 21.07 x 12.41 cm ) and how much heavier ( 510 grams versus 309 grams ), here are the figures. Interestingly, in any case, it is identical to the thickness (7.9 mm).


The aforementioned difference in size (10.1 inches versus 8 inches) is the only relevant when examining the section on screen, since the rest of its specs are identical: both have Full HD resolution (1920 x 1200) and the two used The 16:10 aspect ratio (optimized for video playback).


There seems to be nothing that a priori we can help tip the balance in one direction or another either in section Performance: LG has not specified what processor 10 – inch model, but we suspect that it was the same as in the 8 Snapdragon 617 ) and, in any case, their technical specifications match (eight cores and 1.5 GHz maximum frequency), and the two accompanying of 2 GB of RAM.

Storage capacity

Yes there is an interesting difference in point of storage capacity since, although the two have card slot micro-SD, standard 10 – inch model comes with 32GB of internal memory while the 8 arrives with 16 GB . It is necessary to take into account, therefore, that the price difference that we pay to make us with the larger of the two tablets also responds with more space to accumulate applications, photographs and other files.

G pad iii 8.0

In the section on equality returns cameras: with the two, we will have a camera of 5MP in the back and another like it in the front. If we normally recommend not paying too much attention to this section, in this case it is clear that we can completely ignore it.


Again we find a point where the comparison of technical specifications is not very adequate, because it is difficult to estimate how much difference in consumption can be the size of their respective screens (which will probably be the determining factor, taking into account that the resolution is identical) and to what extent the advantage in battery capacity model 10 – inch ( 6000 mAh vs. 4800 mAh ) is sufficient to compensate. We will have to wait for the tests of autonomy.


As mentioned earlier, sure for many the choice of either model it will depend a lot on how much more cost gain of 10 inches , but for now, unfortunately, we have no official information for our country of its release, though What we know of its prices in other countries suggests that it can be around 100 euros. We will be attentive when there is to know.

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