LG G Pad III vs. MediaPad M2 10: comparative

We have already faced the new LG G Pad III with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (2016), but that of Samsung is not the only tablet that must be taken into account when making review of the midrange. No doubt the MediaPad 10 M2 is an equally important reference right now and a tough opponent for any new model that is about to move in prices on lathes to 300 euros. Can worth waiting to hear from the new tablet from LG if you are looking for something of this nature or we would be better bet directly by the of Huawei? We try to help them decide with a comparison in which we measure their respective technical specifications in all sections.


The MediaPad M2 has input and some points in its favor in section design thanks on the one hand, the premium finishes that lends its metal casing and on the other, its powerful audio system with stereo speakers. The LG G Pad III, in any case, also has some interesting claims, as the lectern to support it, and even with most common materials, also has quality finishes.

lg g pad iii


By comparing the dimensions of both, rather than a real difference in size what is seen is a somewhat different proportions, with the tablet LG slightly more elongated (25.62 x 16.79 cm against 23.98 x 17, 28 cm). In thickness (7.9 mm vs. 7.4 mm) and weight (510 grams versus 500 grams), the tablet Huawei takes some advantage but the truth is that it is not too large and may go unnoticed to have them in the hands.


Draw all in the section screen with either we will be able to enjoy a screen of 10.1 inches with 16:10 aspect ratio (optimized for video playback) and Full HD resolution (1920 x 1200). Having the same size and the same resolution obviously pixel density of both is also identical (224 PPI).


In the section on performance itself that we are already with the balance it leans more clearly on the side of the MediaPad M2, thanks mainly to riding a more powerful processor (eight cores and maximum frequency of 1.5 GHz compared to eight cores and maximum frequency of 2.2 GHz ). The two counts, however, with 2 GB of RAM.

Storage capacity

Here is the LG G Pad III which is written down somewhat, as it has been announced with 32 GB of internal memory in the basic model, which has been usual lately and in middle and high end, but that is enough to put ahead of the MediaPad M2, leaving us the 16 GB that were common when launched. The difference is relativized in part because both give us the opportunity to expand your storage capacidadde externally, through card micro-SD.

Smash Repairs

Although with respect to the front camera you are tied with 5 MP, the victory of the Mediapad M2 with respect to the main chamber it is very clear, with 13MP against 5 MP. We cannot fail to insist, in any case, that the average user will not use the camera of his tablet too much, so it is convenient to be realistic when it comes to assessing the importance of this feature.


A final advantage of the MediaPad M2 is found in the section of autonomy, particularly in the data capacity of their respective batteries (6000 mAh vs. 6660 mAh), a curious thing if we think that is a somewhat more compact and thin tablet. In any case, we must remember that consumption is an equally important factor and that this is not easy to estimate accurately only from technical specifications, so it will be interesting to see what results each one obtains.


We cannot say anything definite about the quality / price of each of these tablets because they do not know yet how much it will cost the LG G Pad III in euros for our country (either import or lunges here too), but the only figure we have is around 350 euros will cost in Korea. Yes, we can say that the MediaPad 10 M2 can already get for something less than that amount.

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