M vs Moto Moto Plus G4: comparative

The launch of Huawei Mate 9 and the OnePlus 3T has kept us quite busy in recent weeks, but do not want to miss the opportunity to spend some comparisons to another interesting phablets which was released last month (thankfully has not yet come our country, so we are still in time to help undecided), in this case in the field of mid – range, the Moto M, and we’ll start facing their technical specifications with the Moto G4 Plus, to see exactly how they differ.


In the design is what is probably one of the biggest differences between the two and is the first time we see a phablet midrange Motorola with metal housing, something that surely many would be waiting and that gives a bonus to the new Moto M front G4 Moto Plus. Both also feature a fingerprint reader.

moto m vs moto g4 plus


There are also interesting differences in point of dimensions, since the new model is more compact than the Moto G4 Plus ( 15.14 x 7.54 cm vs. 15.3 x 7.66 cm ) and above all, quite thinner ( 7.9 mm vs. 9.8 mm ). By weight is the only aspect in which it seems that we we lose, although it is true that the difference is very small ( 163 grams versus 155 grams ).


In the section on screen and have less material to tip the balance one way or the other, as their technical specifications are the same: both have a screen of 5.5 inches with Full HD resolution ( 1920 x 1080 ) and, therefore, the same pixel density ( 401 PPI ). The only thing that distinguishes them is that the Moto M uses AMOLED panels while the Moto Plus G4 are LCD.


As regards the performance section, on one side we have the same processor in the two models ( Snapdragon 617 eight – core and 1.5 GHz ), but otherwise, the Moto M yes qu has received a boost in terms of memory RAM, so that the standard model on going to the Moto G4 Plus ( 3GB vs. 2GB ), always without losing sight that it is available also superior in any case configurations.

Storage capacity

Again, if we simply compare the basic model of each victory in storage capacity is again for Moto M , which has twice the internal memory ( 32GB versus 16GB ). Both have, of course, card slot micro-SD , which always relieved enough space problems we may encounter.


Another point where the Moto M exceeds the Moto G4 Plus is the camera, but only in regard to the front camera ( 8MP vs. 5MP ), as the principal would be identical, with 16 MP and opening f /2.0, something pretty standard for a midrange phablet in any case.


In the section of autonomy it has also theoretically been some improvement with Moto M thanks to a battery capacity slightly higher ( 3050 mAh vs. 3000 mAh ), surprising considering that it is actually a thinner device, but the difference is so small hard to believe that may have an impact signifiativo. As always we remember, we can not say anything definitively, in any case, until we see the results of the tests of actual use.


As time has not been released in our country, we have no official price yet for the Moto M in euros, and all that I can leave for the moment is the translation of our currency’s price in China, which leaves him in around 275 euros but it is likely that the official figure in euros when you get here is higher. The Moto G4 Plus, meanwhile, has dropped further in price and can be found for less than 250 euros.

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