Christmas Gift Ideas for a 25 year old woman

Choose the gift of Christmas suitable for a woman of 25 important years in your life should not be as difficult as you might think. Consider your style of life, personality and the things he loves before heading out to buy. Most importantly, make mental notes of everything that you know you do not like and definitely avoid those items.


Clothing and shoes are perfect for any 25-year-old girl fashion lover gift, but only if you are fully aware of their tastes and know your size. In most cases, a gift card to her favorite clothing store or shoes will be a better idea.

gift of Christmas


A new necklace, earrings, earrings or bracelet will be an ideal place for a woman who enjoy using this type of gift accessories. However, it is not a good idea to buy jewelry if your tastes are very specific or if your budget is not enough to buy, a piece of jewelry well done that will last for years. An engagement ring might be right, if you are ready to make the proposal. If this is not the case, a ring that is obviously not one of commitment will use them if she enjoys, such as one with her birthstone. Continue reading “Christmas Gift Ideas for a 25 year old woman”

Helpful tips if you buy a tablet or smartphone on Cyber ​​Monday

Black Friday and one of the most frantic weekend in what regards consumption, have come to an end. However, to try to scratch some more benefits and even squaring accounts at many consumer electronics stores has extended sharply on Cyber Monday. The key to this appointment goes through the Internet, because as its name suggests, is a Monday in which big brands intended to exhaust their stock unsold for the past three days over the Internet with discounts apparently more attractive than those found in the previous days.

As in the appointment Friday at today is not gold that glitters and often, buying a tablet or smartphone is can be frustrating not only from the point of view of having achieved or not a good deal, or whether it was necessary or not to acquire a new terminal. Today we give you some tips to consider whether to overcome this Cyber Monday and Surf Black Friday with which. You will avoid surprises if you plan to make a purchase more.

buy a tablet or smartphone

1. Keeps track

Monday is true that we find additional discounts on products that have already been on sale during the weekend. However, here we must show caution. As we said on Friday, a widespread tactic among some firms is to inflate the initial price of a product in the previous days, until Black Friday to reduce it in this event and keep them as they were initially doing think consumers are really low. This strategy can also be seen throughout the day so once again, we recommend a monitor and not only the costs of a terminal in the days prior to November 25, but also the weekend. Continue reading “Helpful tips if you buy a tablet or smartphone on Cyber ​​Monday”

Tablecloths for Christmas table

Be ready for the arrival of Christmas? Well it is high time that you are! Especially if you have to organize meals and family or friends at home dinner. And not just because you have to start thinking about the dishes that you prepare for these meetings, but because you have to get along to surprise your guests with your table decoration. And, believe it or not, depending on how you set the table, you will cause a good or bad first impression; you already know that is what counts.

Beyond the crockery, cutlery, glasses, cups and napkins, it is important that you choose the tablecloth right. If you plan to buy one for the holidays, we recommend you to be very attentive to what comes next, because today we will tell you where you can get very interesting designs. In addition, we will show you some other example which we are sure you will love. Would you like to join us ?

christmas tablecloth

Zara Home

One of the brands dedicated to the world of decoration more Christmas tablecloths proposed is Zara Home. In fact, there are proposals for all styles. Stand, yes, red and white designs, two very typical colors of these dates. In addition, many Christmas themes include, for example, stars or reindeer. Of course, the signing of Inditex also offers matching napkins, so we put it very easy time setting the table for special occasions. Of all his proposals, we highlight the elegant crochet tablecloth red and white with gold stars. Continue reading “Tablecloths for Christmas table”

OnePlus 3Q vs My Note 2: comparative

Yesterday we reviewed the technical specifications of the new OnePlus 3T facing them to the My 5s Plus, but you know that’s not much to do Xiaomi introduced us to two other phablets more high level, and although the Mi Mix is not easy to get, not so same with the My Note 2, which will have to be measured phablet of OnePlus in our comparative today. Which of the two you think about it gives us a better quality / price ratio? If you have not yet clear, we hope to help you decide.


In the design section, noted significant aesthetic differences, with a clear inspiration is inevitable My Note 2 in the latest flagship of Samsung, including an edge dual screen and a glass casing, while the OnePlus 3T is a classic bet with metal casing. With both, of course, we will have digital fingerprint reader.

oneplus 3q vs my note


Although the difference in size between the two phablets is more clearly seen (15.27 x 7.47 cm versus 15.62 x 7.77 mm), I must say on behalf of my Note 2 (whose screen is slightly larger), which at least in thickness (7.4 mm vs. 7.6 mm) and weight (158 grams versus 166 grams) it manages to remain fairly close OnePlus 3T. Continue reading “OnePlus 3Q vs My Note 2: comparative”

Phablets high end at a reasonable price: alternatives to the iPhone in July and Pixel Plus XL

We are already used to seeing flagships whose prices easily exceed 800 and 900 euros, which has justified sometimes be called even “ultra-high – end” but it is still perfectly possible to find phablets high end with more reasonable prices, especially if we look to models launched a few months ago (even if we are willing to accept some slightly older even), to which must be added the best of the phablet low-cost reaching us from China. We look at a few of the most interesting options that we can find right now with maximum price of around 600 euros.

Galaxy S7 Edge

Let’s start with one of the most expensive on the list options, but also one of the most levels: the Galaxy S7 Edge is responsible for filling the gap left by the Galaxy Note 7 and one of the advantages that can make us forget the model S Pen, it is that its price is considerably lower. This is one of those models that were launched a few months ago and worthwhile to bear in mind, because he has little to envy the most recent and can be found without too much difficulty for around 600 euros.

iphone 7 vs pixel xl

For that price we can enjoy what is still one of the best cameras on a mobile, with pixels of 1.4 microns and f / 1.7, which expetos still consider the best screen (a Super AMOLED Quad HD ) with added attraction of side bends and a powerful processing ( Exynos 8890 ) that accompany 4 GB of RAM. Continue reading “Phablets high end at a reasonable price: alternatives to the iPhone in July and Pixel Plus XL”

Advantages and disadvantages of liquid lipsticks

As you know, in the market you can find all kinds lip. And we are not referring only to brands or colors, but textures. Today we talk of liquids, so they are betting most cosmetic brands. Specifically, firms are taking the market lipsticks liquids that offer matte and velvety finish. In addition, today you can find on the market more formulas that respect the skin of the lips.

If you still do not have clear whether or not to opt for this type of lipstick, today we will tell all their advantages and disadvantages. Would you like to join us?

liquid lip


The first thing we say is that one of the great advantages of liquid lipsticks is that they offer a long service life. In fact, even eat or drink your lips will remain intact. And not only that, but if you choose a product of good quality, you can go to sleep and wake up the next day with lipstick. Beyond its duration, we emphasize the intensity of the colors. Another great advantage of this lip is not transferred, as happens with the vast majority of lipstick. In addition, hot weather will not melt. Continue reading “Advantages and disadvantages of liquid lipsticks”

Thinning hair shampoo that works

Thinning hair is not just a problem for men as many women also have issues with this as we age. Due to this, you will find a variety of “solutions” on the market. The main problem is that most do not work or come with side effects that none of us wants, even if we can regrow hair such as weight gain or the loss of sexual function. Instead of trying all the pills that can bring dire side effects, the simple answer is thinning hair shampoo.

Thinning hair shampoo helps to strengthen hair as well as repair. The way the shampoo works is by helping your own hair build hair follicles while providing the follicles with the nutrients that are needed to grow. The truth about most shampoos is that they actually strip away the proteins and nutrients your hair needs to grow and be strong which may even be the cause of your thinning hair.


The one thinning hair shampoo that truly works is Toppik Hair Building Shampoo. This shampoo is not made with sulfates or parabens that actually damage hair. Most shampoos on the market have these ingredients, which causes damage to the follicles of the hair and may be the cause of thinning hair in several individuals. This shampoo is lightweight and stimulates the scalp to help with hair growth while ensuring the rest of your hair also has all the nutrients needed to grow strong instead of thin. The most important ingredient found in the shampoo is keratin. Continue reading “Thinning hair shampoo that works”

iCraft has the perfect gifts for St. Patrick’s Day

This year I’m making the move to selling my handmade crafts online. After considerable research, I’ve chosen, an online craft marketplace focused on the genuinely handmade. No resellers, vintage or manufactured goods. I chose iCraft because of these values and also because I liked the look of the site, the interesting and helpful community of sellers, and the ease of setting up a store.

In the iCraft marketplace, you actually run your own online shop: you include the images and tags, andyou do the promotion. There is a comprehensive help section and lessons to follow in the BootCamp section of the site. Once registered, you can contact the Admin folks who respond quickly and are very helpful. The community at iCraft is also very supportive and helpful with any questions you may have about your store.

I highly recommend iCraft to any crafter interested in selling on a handmade-focused online marketplace. The benefits of iCraft for sellers are set out clearly on the website. Learn more about how to sell your handmade gifts at

I’ve also had quite a bit of experience buying from iCraft. The selection is huge and it’s easy to find the exact gift you are searching for. In honour of St. Patrick’s Day this year, I found lots of interesting handmade crafts. The site is user friendly, bright and engaging. If you would like to discuss a custom order, or ask a question about items in a store, you can communicate directly with the seller via the iCraft site. All payments are through PayPal, a safe function for paying directly from your bank account. A credit card is not required, although that is a payment option if you prefer.

If you are interested in picking up handcrafted one of a kind gifts for any occasion, or just for yourself, I encourage you to shop for handmade gifts at

iCraft has a large collection of gifts suitable for St. Patrick’s Day. One of the most familiar symbols of Saint Patrick’s Day is the shamrock, one leaf with three parts. It is Ireland’s national emblem because of the legend that Saint Patrick used it to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity. The green of shamrock that Christians proudly wore transformed into wearing an item of green clothing on March 17. The Irish and many people of other nationalities believe that shamrocks bring good luck.

This charming necklace and earring set is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.


image credit:

Add a little charm to your home or office with this St. Patrick’s Day mug filled with shamrocks and green carnations.

Every year St. Patrick’s Day is one of the major portals to Spring. If St. Patrick’s Day is here, can Spring be far behind?

A Selection Of Clothing Photography Tips

The process of capturing highly impressive clothing photographs is extremely challenging. Amateur photographers typically struggle to present their products in the best possible light. However, we’ll let you in some on some of the tricks of the trade in this helpful blog.

Shooting The Products Flat

If you have a look through the brochures of the high street clothing companies then you’ll discover numerous examples of flat clothing photography. These pictures are taken on flat surfaces and feature ultimately neat clothing combinations. You might assume that these kinds of pictures are easy to capture. However, the professional stylists make every effort to select appropriate clothing combinations and optimise the shots. You should follow their example when positioning items of clothing for advertisements.


Consider The Effects Of Lighting

If you’re really keen to capture the interest of prospective customers then it will be important to harness the effects of lighting. It is advisable to schedule shots in the summer sunshine. However, the professional photographers also appreciate the importance of arranging their studios for the best visual effect. They also use umbrellas and photo boxes to enhance the shots.

Realise The Importance Of Presentation

It is absolutely essential to take care over the presentation of any clothes that you are attempting to sell. You are advised to buy or hire a steamer for the purpose of removing unsightly creases and crinkles. It would also be sensible to sample a variety of mannequins in preparation for the final shoot. Consider the priorities of your target audience and don’t make the mistake of settling for sub-par photographs. Continue reading “A Selection Of Clothing Photography Tips”