iCraft has the perfect gifts for St. Patrick’s Day

This year I’m making the move to selling my handmade crafts online. After considerable research, I’ve chosen icraftgifts.com, an online craft marketplace focused on the genuinely handmade. No resellers, vintage or manufactured goods. I chose iCraft because of these values and also because I liked the look of the site, the interesting and helpful community of sellers, and the ease of setting up a store.

In the iCraft marketplace, you actually run your own online shop: you include the images and tags, andyou do the promotion. There is a comprehensive help section and lessons to follow in the BootCamp section of the site. Once registered, you can contact the Admin folks who respond quickly and are very helpful. The community at iCraft is also very supportive and helpful with any questions you may have about your store.

I highly recommend iCraft to any crafter interested in selling on a handmade-focused online marketplace. The benefits of iCraft for sellers are set out clearly on the website. Learn more about how to sell your handmade gifts at icraftgifts.com/sell.php.

I’ve also had quite a bit of experience buying from iCraft. The selection is huge and it’s easy to find the exact gift you are searching for. In honour of St. Patrick’s Day this year, I found lots of interesting handmade crafts. The site is user friendly, bright and engaging. If you would like to discuss a custom order, or ask a question about items in a store, you can communicate directly with the seller via the iCraft site. All payments are through PayPal, a safe function for paying directly from your bank account. A credit card is not required, although that is a payment option if you prefer.

If you are interested in picking up handcrafted one of a kind gifts for any occasion, or just for yourself, I encourage you to shop for handmade gifts at icraftgifts.com.

iCraft has a large collection of gifts suitable for St. Patrick’s Day. One of the most familiar symbols of Saint Patrick’s Day is the shamrock, one leaf with three parts. It is Ireland’s national emblem because of the legend that Saint Patrick used it to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity. The green of shamrock that Christians proudly wore transformed into wearing an item of green clothing on March 17. The Irish and many people of other nationalities believe that shamrocks bring good luck.

This charming necklace and earring set is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.


image credit: http://icraftgifts.com/helens-charms-unique-gifts

Add a little charm to your home or office with this St. Patrick’s Day mug filled with shamrocks and green carnations.

Every year St. Patrick’s Day is one of the major portals to Spring. If St. Patrick’s Day is here, can Spring be far behind?

A Selection Of Clothing Photography Tips

The process of capturing highly impressive clothing photographs is extremely challenging. Amateur photographers typically struggle to present their products in the best possible light. However, we’ll let you in some on some of the tricks of the trade in this helpful blog.

Shooting The Products Flat

If you have a look through the brochures of the high street clothing companies then you’ll discover numerous examples of flat clothing photography. These pictures are taken on flat surfaces and feature ultimately neat clothing combinations. You might assume that these kinds of pictures are easy to capture. However, the professional stylists make every effort to select appropriate clothing combinations and optimise the shots. You should follow their example when positioning items of clothing for advertisements.


Consider The Effects Of Lighting

If you’re really keen to capture the interest of prospective customers then it will be important to harness the effects of lighting. It is advisable to schedule shots in the summer sunshine. However, the professional photographers also appreciate the importance of arranging their studios for the best visual effect. They also use umbrellas and photo boxes to enhance the shots.

Realise The Importance Of Presentation

It is absolutely essential to take care over the presentation of any clothes that you are attempting to sell. You are advised to buy or hire a steamer for the purpose of removing unsightly creases and crinkles. It would also be sensible to sample a variety of mannequins in preparation for the final shoot. Consider the priorities of your target audience and don’t make the mistake of settling for sub-par photographs. Continue reading “A Selection Of Clothing Photography Tips”