What we would like to see in tablets arriving in 2017?

After a cold in 2016, the number of sales of tablets are concerned, innovation should be mandatory in the coming years with the aim of raising the numbers of units traded. Throughout this year, we have been showing the data provided by some of the largest consulting firms in the world in which it became clear stagnation of the market that was not something circumstantial, but already stretched in time over two years in which dripping releases was much lower than in other years.

On the other hand, a significant decrease in the number of terminals in circulation positions that made many question the usefulness of the supports larger in the future with the consolidation of other formats reflected.

2017 tablets

At the gates of a 2017 promises to be a turning point in the history of these devices, it is impossible to make predictions about the direction the market will take even though some already portend some recovery. However, we can look at what we have already seen this year that would like to see repeated during the next. Today we will make a brief overview of the trends that should remain present in the tablets that come to market and will mention other elements that should be improved to be really useful or attractive to users.

1. Virtual Reality, Yes or no?

We started with an advance that has been gaining strength over the last 12 months. Virtual Reality continues to focus the efforts of many companies. Google, through its tablet with Project Tango, or Microsoft, with HoloLens among many others, are determined to create pointers terminals that much remains to be see in the future. However, there are still several questions about them a few days ago we remind: Lack of functions and apps, compatibility with other devices and perhaps the release of these terminals that can be considered as mere prototypes and need revision and time to awaken the interest of users in both price and features. Do you think that manufacturers must keep working on this technology?

2. The keyboards built, a success

Convertible devices have prevented the decline in the number of tablets sold during 2016 has been much lower. Firms are aware of this and now both the largest and the most modest, are creating terminals 2 in 1 also intended to be useful not only for professional communities, but also for home users, who see expanded possibilities to use these formats. However, once again, are remaining challenges, such as a lower price in the case of the most potent and an improvement of the characteristics and stability of the more modest? What do you think about them?

3. The improvement of autonomy

Obtaining a longer lasting batteries are still the headache of most firms market launch both tablets and smartphones. Although in the latter, it is possible to see technologies fast charging gradually being consolidated, it remains to solve the problem of autonomy. As we recall earlier, an improvement of visual and performance characteristics among others, must be accompanied by a longer use.

4. Diversification

Currently, many companies focus the distinction of users of tablets in two large families: Those seeking devices to the professional field, and those who employ them for running games, navigation and audiovisual content. This classification can be simple if we consider that the number of consumers can reach several hundred million.

5. Fragmentation: Positive or negative?

Finally, we end up with an item that has both criticism and praise in equal parts. In this case, do not we head towards the existence of different versions of operating systems simultaneously circulating that can cause failure of compatibility, but the presence of hundreds of manufacturers throwing thousands of models as a whole. Do you think that in a context in which competition between firms is key, the largest eventually moving to smaller and bring some stability to the market, or believe that all players in the sector have the right to launch their devices and get a place in the market with the best possible conditions?

Five points that we have shown, are just a few of the many that can be found inside the devices that millions of people use every day. What progress you like to see in 2017 and what you consider elements that should be improved before landing permanently on the tablets. Have available more information related such as negative a list of positive elements and smartphones that could have come out in the next 12 months so that you can review yourself.

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