Tips to help strengthen the skin self-defense

This month Vine a line aimed at women between 25 and 35 years with the purpose of making compatible the fast-paced life we ‚Äč‚Äčlead at this age and conserve the glow of the skin. Have you started worrying about her? I remember that with those years I also began to watch exits jobs early mornings endless days. I could see some sign that made me realize that I began to accuse the passage of time fatigue and so much external factor. The good news is that at this age care and a good product can come to regenerate prevent and delay most damages.

help strengthen the skin

This is the proposal of Vine 4 products with very light easy and sensory textures aimed at young women who are immersed in the rhythm that current life imposes. The goal of its formula is to combat the damage caused by environmental factors and accounts for 80% of the signs of aging. The company presents its new products as intelligent when it comes to strengthening the self- defense capabilities of the skin in the face of aggression. Continue reading “Tips to help strengthen the skin self-defense”