Know the different types of blushes

Hello Beautiful did you know that each type of blush is according to each type of skin? In this post, you will know the different types of blushes there are. Know them and choose the ideal for you. There is a variety of flushes available in the market with different colors, textures and shapes. Different manufacturers have made flushes in different ways according to consumer demand. Some of the types include:

  • Blush powder that is very popular and commonly used.
  • Blush cream, is denser and contains natural oils and moisturizer
  • Blush gel, ideal for people with oily skin,
  • Liquid blush or dye stays for longer until you want to remove your face makeup.

type of blush

Blush powder

Powder blush works very well on all skin types. Especially for those girls who have oily skin. It is the most common blush because it is the easiest to use (and the easiest to find). Its application is very simple, all you have to do is smile and with the help of the brush. You go through the cheek giving small slides granting a natural application. It is important to use a special brush for your use. Continue reading “Know the different types of blushes”