OnePlus 3Q vs My Note 2: comparative

Yesterday we reviewed the technical specifications of the new OnePlus 3T facing them to the My 5s Plus, but you know that’s not much to do Xiaomi introduced us to two other phablets more high level, and although the Mi Mix is not easy to get, not so same with the My Note 2, which will have to be measured phablet of OnePlus in our comparative today. Which of the two you think about it gives us a better quality / price ratio? If you have not yet clear, we hope to help you decide.


In the design section, noted significant aesthetic differences, with a clear inspiration is inevitable My Note 2 in the latest flagship of Samsung, including an edge dual screen and a glass casing, while the OnePlus 3T is a classic bet with metal casing. With both, of course, we will have digital fingerprint reader.

oneplus 3q vs my note


Although the difference in size between the two phablets is more clearly seen (15.27 x 7.47 cm versus 15.62 x 7.77 mm), I must say on behalf of my Note 2 (whose screen is slightly larger), which at least in thickness (7.4 mm vs. 7.6 mm) and weight (158 grams versus 166 grams) it manages to remain fairly close OnePlus 3T. Continue reading “OnePlus 3Q vs My Note 2: comparative”