Tips for Buying a Used iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S Plus

Who has not thought of buying an iPhone 6S Plus? Let us not fool ourselves its high price makes it sometimes unattainable. But have not you ever thought about going to the second-hand market? That yes, you must take into account certain aspects and perform certain checks before purchasing a second hand iPhone 6S Plus. So you know, before you buy one and to avoid future surprises, there are certain buying tips and checks to perform that you should never forget.

iPhone 6S Plus

Check your visual status: another aspect that you should pay special attention to is its state of conservation. Check that it does not present scratches, blows, dents, small breaks, damages. And remember that a mobile that is not in optimal conditions should always be cheaper than one that.

It verifies its operation: evidently, the mobile must work correctly. Do not forget to check it out. Test each function of the mobile. Look at your screen: check that the screen does not show scratches or breaks and that the touch system works correctly. Take the time to verify that it has no dead pixels. If the mobile phone has a screen protector, it is a sign of good care by its previous owner.

Is it locked?: Before buying a second hand iPhone 6S Plus, it is imperative that you verify that you do not have any type of lock. Do not forget to check that it has no PIN, lock by Touch ID and much less that it is blocked by iCloud or IMEI. NOTE: Find out how to perform these checks. Format it: as with any other mobile, a very good recommendation is to format (hard reset) the iPhone. This will erase any information from your old owner and leave it with the original factory settings.

Make photos and videos: 2 more important aspects that you should check. Verify that in the case of videos, audio is also recorded correctly. Do not forget to check the flash or the front camera. WI-FI and Bluetooth: both must work correctly. Try connecting to a Wi-Fi network and verify that you can do it properly. The battery: do not forget to check that the mobile charges correctly and that the cable is in good condition.

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