Tips for buying chinese mobile phones

mobile phones

Follow any of the tips that we will see to buy Chinese mobile phones in any online store. These are tips that help make your online shopping the best possible. We have seen some cases of shipments that have been defective or that they delivered a package that had nothing to do with what we had ordered.

mobile phones

Find the Chinese mobile brand you want to buy. You can use our Chinese mobile comparator using the search bar. Write the brand of cell phone you are looking for or filter for the price. Check out the specifications and features of each Smartphone. Look whether it is large or small memory capacity etc.

Check that the Chinese mobile will work in your country. That is, Chinese smartphones support many types of frequencies. The most popular is the 850 MHz as the infrastructure of Asian mobile phones use that frequency. It will most certainly not serve you in your own country.

Typically, in the feature of mobiles usually put that frequency allows its use. They have several options like 850, 900, 1700, 1900 and 2100MHz. Chinese brands such as Lenovo, Xiaomi, ZTE, use long frequencies so it can operate in Europe and America.

On the other hand, the Chinese use in their country TD-SCDMA that is the standard system of 3G developed by the Chinese. They did that to avoid paying the high patent costs. If you buy a mobile with these characteristics it will not work in your country. You have to see is the detail section of the Smartphone which puts WCDMA so that it can work outside of China.

Chinese cell phones are bought from online stores. There is no other option unless we go to a physical store in China. So, what we have to do is acquire the cell phone in a large and well-known online store. It has many products to exhibit and a lot of volume of purchase. The stores that we put to compare mobiles are all big and prestigious.

Payments for smartphones must be made through bank transfer or by paypal. They are secure transactions from bank to bank. It is important to do it this way since everything is electronically recorded in case there is any problem. Never pay with Western Union as it is not a means of payment but a transfer of money. There would be no way to claim if you paid with this method.

Do not trust the very low prices. They see from far away that the product they want to sell is stolen or forged. I’ve seen iPhone sales 5 for $ 100. People buy them and then regret that they discover that the operating system is not iOS but Android. Those kinds of things can happen to you to want to save you a few dollars. In the online stores that we put they are reliable they are big companies that verify the products to sell first.

You will see discounts of 20-30% but they still have a profit margin. Just ask. If you have any doubt to acquire the cell phone just ask in forums or in comments to see what they suggest. Investigate what the device has outside China and whether it is worth buying.