Tips for taking care of your hair

care of your hair

They have wondered why the hair is mistreated dry and opaque and with split ends. Here in you will find tips for hair care to look healthy and radiant from the scalp to the tips. Usually mistreated with the sun, shampoo, fixative, environmental contamination chlorine in pool water and the way we brush or comb. Oh but do not let the dryers, plates to straighten it, dyes, curling irons, and permanents. What a barbarian poor of our hair that suffers thanks to us. That is why we suddenly wonder why the tips are battered. Know the ideal tips to keep your hair healthy, radiant and manageable.

care of your hair

There is a great variety of shampoos, not all are good. You have to know how to choose the ideal. I have used many and the ones I recommend the most are the following: Pantene Pro-V it depends on how you have your hair. After washing it, it is very important to rinse it very well, because the remains remain on the scalp and damages the hair fiber. Skin it also loses volume and causes the hair to appear opaque.

In addition, it is advisable to wash hair with cold water and NOT with hot. It is good to make hairstyles that need to be tied with elastic garters from time to time. If you do it, the hair will break. I recommend you do not tighten the garter so much and do not have your hair tied all the time. Release it for a while and show it. If you want to tie it up by the heat, use a clamp.

Excessive heat from the hair dryer damages the hair causing dehydration. If you are going to dry it with it I recommend that you apply a gel or cream to protect it from the heat. In summer, I completely avoided the use of the dryer. I realized that when I dried it was ugly, fluffy and a little rebellious when it comes to combing. While researching which products are ideal for protecting my hair, I decided to look for one to protect it from the heat. The only ones I recommend is the spray. The latter apply when the hair is wet from the middle to the tips. The result is beautiful radiant hair.