Tips to buy the perfect perfume

perfect perfume

I do not know about you, but the whole thing about getting a new scent overwhelms me. When I leave the store, I feel as if I had been immersed in a pool with all the possible aromas of the world. My head hurts after half an hour and I leave the store with empty hands because I could not decide.

That was until a couple of months ago, I accompanied my mom to find a perfume and buy one for me. I took into account a number of tips to not have the same bad experience, so I share a short list with 5 tips to buy the perfect perfume.

perfect perfume


It is important that you check the type of perfume you are going to buy so check or ask if it is eau de cologne. Colony water has a perfume concentration of 3-8%, bath water one of 5-15% and perfume water has a concentration of 10-20%. These percentages indicate the intensity of the aroma that will have the perfume.


After an afternoon in the paradise of aromas, your sense of smell will not be the best, so it is important that you take home a sample of the perfume first and try it again at home. Apply it in the morning and when your day is over analyze how you feel with the aroma. Fondling an aroma can take up to two days, especially when we smell it on our skin after a couple of applications.


The best way for the aroma to remain subtle but possible to distinguish is to apply a shot in two different places. If the fragrance is fruity but light apply it behind the ears and knees.


Surely, they will have realized that some perfumes last longer than others do. There is no magic trick to avoid it, but if a couple of tips to get one whose aroma last longer in our skin. First, keep in mind that strong essences last longer the fruitier the less harsh aroma. If you lean for strong aromas it is basic to keep the bottle in a cool place to prolong the life of the product. Finally, ask for samples of the product you chose and always carry one in your bag in case you need to tweak it.


Unbelievably, like many other beauty products, the perfume also has expiration. It is obvious when it happens there are a couple of situations that accelerate the process light and heat. That is why it’s important to keep perfume bottles in cool places away from direct sunlight, so make sure they last for the right time.