Makeup Trends for Brides 2017

Are you getting married next year? Well, if you do not want to spend your time on it, you will have to think about all the details: the restaurant, the menu, the decoration, the flowers, the dress, the bouquet … Besides, although there are still many months to arrive the great day, we recommend you start thinking about the makeup you will look. In addition, it is that beyond the dress, your face will be the great protagonist of the day of your wedding.

To lend a hand when making this decision, today we will tell you what are the trends in makeup for brides in 2017. Would you like to join us?

2017 bridal trends

Looks natural

The first thing to know is that next year will dominate the looks natural. Yes, so we have seen in parades of wedding dresses for 2017, yes you should give prominence to the brightness of your skin. So, ideally, you should use a base of the same tone as your skin. Of course, if your skin is rather pale, you can give it color with bronzing powders.

Protagonism of the rose

On the other hand, you should know that next year the rose would also have a major role in makeup for brides. In fact, you can use it for both lips and eye shadows. As for the lips, the important thing is that they are juicy and much hydrated. In addition, if you have white skin, do not hesitate to also apply blush in a pink tone.

Looks more daring

Although, as I mentioned, the looks natural all the attention will be, you can also choose to highlight your lips or your eyes. Of course, it is not recommended that you potentiate both things. Thus, for lips you can bet on red, which will also be fashionable. As for the eyes, you can also choose dark tones and even metallic.

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