Are you going to go shopping today? Here we give you some tips for parking

If there is something, worse than having to deal with long lines through the Thanksgiving weekend. It is being able to find a space to park in a crowded shopping center. Here are some suggestions in case you want to appointment some of Miami-Dade County’s most popular shopping centers. Some apps allow you to preserve a place in a parking lot with the help of your smartphone. Therefore, space will be waiting for you. The price for three hours is $ 3 and then one more $ 3 for each extra hour. At present, there are two malls in Miami that use this service the Dad eland with 30 spaces and The Falls with eight spaces.


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Sign up to get unlimited digital entrĂ©e to our website, mobile applications and the digital newspaper. Instead of having to go around and approximately looking for a free place, go straight to the parking lots. That usually has many unoccupied spaces although you have to walk a little more. The Dolphin Mall parking lot, located on the west side of the complex, near the Florida Turnpike, has a capacity of 1,300 vehicles and has a useful digital panel. Continue reading “Are you going to go shopping today? Here we give you some tips for parking”

Tips to buy well on Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated days for buyers online and not-to have Christmas pre-purchases. That can later be used to keep some Christmas gifts. Although it is an appointment with the purest consumerism, many expect it because the discounts are high. Some reach up to 70% in all types of products (from washing machines to video games) that, perhaps, should be bought anyway.

tips to buy well on Black Friday

Every year there are more stores that add to this day. That gives the kick-off to Christmas shopping. Taking into account this scenario, we suggest some tips to buy well on Black Friday, also on the internet. Last Black Friday there was a growth of 62% compared to the previous period, according to data provided by Paypal. This day has become an event for lovers of online shopping. Continue reading “Tips to buy well on Black Friday”

Some tips for shopping

Who does not want to get the most convenient price especially during a time of economic hardship? Everywhere is full of ads for deals from dealers who want you to buy from them. They are using special price promotions for selected customers, settlements for the customers. Who arrive earlier, crazy discounts at midnight, savings days with coupons, and liquidations before and after the holidays? However, how can you know if these promotions are convenient for your pocket? The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The national consumer protection agency has some recommendations to help you get the most out of your money.

Some tips for shopping

Search and compare: The “offer” price is not always the “best” price. Some merchants offer a discounted or liquidation price on an item for a limited time. Others can offer items with a discount every day. If you have the manufacturer’s model number and other information about the item you want to buy, it may be easier to get the best price. Continue reading “Some tips for shopping”

Know the different types of blushes

Hello Beautiful did you know that each type of blush is according to each type of skin? In this post, you will know the different types of blushes there are. Know them and choose the ideal for you. There is a variety of flushes available in the market with different colors, textures and shapes. Different manufacturers have made flushes in different ways according to consumer demand. Some of the types include:

  • Blush powder that is very popular and commonly used.
  • Blush cream, is denser and contains natural oils and moisturizer
  • Blush gel, ideal for people with oily skin,
  • Liquid blush or dye stays for longer until you want to remove your face makeup.

type of blush

Blush powder

Powder blush works very well on all skin types. Especially for those girls who have oily skin. It is the most common blush because it is the easiest to use (and the easiest to find). Its application is very simple, all you have to do is smile and with the help of the brush. You go through the cheek giving small slides granting a natural application. It is important to use a special brush for your use. Continue reading “Know the different types of blushes”

Tips For Finding Best Price On Sports Apparel

You love being active and partaking in sports however, the cost of the apparel and the gear is enough to make you question how involved you should actually get. From running shoes to bicycles and jackets to knee pads and ski equipment everything seems to come with a hefty price tag attached. Sports wear and gear is very expensive especially if you want the best. How can you motivate your yourself to be more active in sports and exercise with out going broke? According to an article, if you look, you can find bargains everywhere on sports gear. For example, if you wait till the end of the season, you can get really good equipment at really good prices. Other places to look for great deals on sports equipment include: local swam meets, major sale events, discount stores that sell designer apparel and gear for cheap, end of season sales, online marketplaces and outlets. According to an article on it does not have to be unattainable to get the apparel and gear you need to live an active lifestyle. From finding cheap gear to scoring big on great work out apparel, with a little research, you can find great savings on gear and apparel.

Looking for those items that you need under your active wear? If you are searching for great undergarments there is no better place to start than Victoria’s Secret. At Victoria’s Secret you will find what you need to wear during and after your workout. Discover great selections from: bras, bralettes, panties, lingerie, sleepwear, beauty items and more and with their partnership with Groupon Coupons you can save even more money. Continue reading “Tips For Finding Best Price On Sports Apparel”

Tips for Buying Online Safely

American Express issued a series of tips all focused on a successful experience in the 2017 edition of online sales of products services with special offers and prices.

Buying Online Safely

  • Stay tuned for the alerts of the stores or service companies.
  • Check emails to select those that contain the items you are looking for.
  • Avoid impulsive shopping.
  • Compare regular prices with those of the offer.
  • Read the terms and conditions, to know how to apply changes or returns.
  • Investigate the characteristics of the product or service you are going to buy.
  • Update the passwords of the purchase site.
  • Install an antivirus or update it.

Continue reading “Tips for Buying Online Safely”

What Brand of Makeup Brushes Buy

If you are here, it is because you are looking for brands of makeup brushes to buy. If you are a beginner, you need your own brushes to become an expert and master the technique of makeup. If you have not yet read our Basic Makeup Course, we mention that it is the essential tool to achieve better results when applying makeup. If you want to know what brand of makeup brushes to buy, stay and look at the ones that have worked for me and until now are my favorites.

Makeup Brushes Buy

One time I was walking in the mall, I saw this branch GOC Make Up (Mexican beauty line) and buy some products to try, buy 3 of your eye makeup brushes. I loved the most and one of my favorites is the Crease & contour G29. I use it to blur because their strands are very soft and the shape of the brush is wide. Continue reading “What Brand of Makeup Brushes Buy”

Eight Tips for Successfully Buying a Home

The housing leaves behind 2016 with an average rise in the price of 3.31% and experts say that the upward trend will be maintained by 2017. This recovery in prices and the opening of access to credit initiated by banks will encourage surely those who have been waiting for the right moment to jump on the purchase of a home.

Buying a Home

This is possibly the biggest investment that will make a person throughout his life. Therefore, it is essential to think well the decision not take the final step until we have analyzed in detail all the factors that can affect the operation. To help in this regard, the Alfa Real Estate network has collected the main eight recommendations to make a correct investment, let us talk about housing, premises or properties to rent. Continue reading “Eight Tips for Successfully Buying a Home”

Advantage of Home Staging for the possible buyer

We often see negative reactions in response to articles from Home Staging. Home Staging is a hoax! Home Staging only benefits the seller. In this article, we would like to talk about what the Home Staging contributes to both the owner and prospective buyer and explain why it is not a trap.

possible buyer

It is clear, for the homeowner, the Home Staging has many advantages. The most important reason that the seller chooses to invest in a good presentation of your house for sale is that it is a way to sell or rent your home before and at a better price. Therefore, the seller can only win. Continue reading “Advantage of Home Staging for the possible buyer”

Tips for selling bulgari jewelery

If you have one or several jewels of this brand, a very good option to earn some money is to sell them on the occasion market. Regardless of the reason you want to get rid of her you no longer use it, you need money selling it will allow you to recover a significant part of the money that cost you when you bought it.

Tips for selling bulgari jewelery

That is why, in today’s post we want to share some interesting tips that will help you sell your second-hand Bulgari jewelry. There are many tricks, tips and recommendations that can be very useful when selling your Bulgari jewelry, but then we will focus on the 10 most important.

Cleaning the visual aspect of the jewel should be excellent so you should perform a clean conscience of the Bulgari jewel. Being a second-hand item it is more than recommended that the jewel be clean as it conveys more confidence and improves the chances of making the sale successfully.

Documentation and original box: we recommend that you always sell your Bulgari jewel accompanied by all the papers (documentation) and original box. What is your exact model? Before you sell your second-hand Bulgari jeweler, it is important that you determine your model. This will make it easier for you to sell it and set its price.

Look for your new price: if the model is relatively current, you can browse the official website of Bulgari in search of its new price. This way you will have a reference when setting the price second hand.

At what price to sell of the most important factors when establishing the sale price are the new price and the price at which the same jewel is being sold in the second-hand market? Try to find the same jewel in different websites and second-hand platforms to see the price of the “competition”.

Diamonds or precious stones: you must keep in mind that those Bulgari jewels that have diamonds, diamonds, and sapphires will have a much higher price. Engraving: if your jewel presents some type of engraving dates, inscriptions should have a lower sale price.

Sale announcement: if you are going to sell your jewel through any of the existing second-hand sale platforms, it is important that you make good announcement correct texts, good photographs.